Services Price Lists

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Price List for Level 1 – Level 4

Fees for people entering Home Care Packages

There are various fees that people should be aware of when choosing their providers as listed below:

  • Income Test Fee – is set up by the government and is based on the amount of personal income.  It is mandatory.  These costs will come out of your own pocket.
  • Basic Daily Fee – is determined by the service provider of your choice and is not mandatory. TSC does not charge this fee.
  • Admin Fee – is a service fee that provider must charge, but there are price differences. The cheapest price charged by TSC is 30% for comprehensive management.
  • Care Management Fee – care or care management fee; TSC offers cheaper service. For example, TSC care charge only $59/hour, while some provider charge $65/hour.
  • Contingency Fee – Emergency costs are particularly high in some institutions or providers. Consumers should ask clearly the precise costs.
  • Entry Fee and Exit Fee – Also known as entrance fees and out-of-door fees. Some providers charge customers a large Entre or Exit fee or a home transfer fee. YH does not charge entry and exit fees.

Another special fee is self-contribution costs;

This is an additional “contribution” fee based on your specific health condition.

This fee is not mandatory, depends on each person’s preferences, particular health, economic situation, etc. The government departments strictly restrict service providers to charge additional, hidden fees, Some providers claim to have “extra” and “hidden” charges, which are inaccurate.

Price transparency for Home Care Packages

Price transparency is that elderly people who need services can check at any time Price details of this institution posted on the Government’s (My Aged Care) website with all details of the charge.  On my aged care website, service providers must update and keep prices up to date annually.

Published around  July 1  of each year in my aged care pricing schedule and full price list.

We uphold our value of price transparency by providing care recipients with an extensive list of pricing and schedule including different personal services and additional costs in the schedule. We adhere to the government regulation on price transparency by attaching charges on different days, corresponding working hours and cancellation fees. We are dedicated to ensuring our care recipients know clearly where their allowance has been invested into.

To further enhance the transparency of pricing of home care packages for older Australians and their families and caregivers, the Department of Health has published the national median price for general home care services, care management and package management. This data is updated quarterly.

The Ministry of Health requires that all providers of home care services must meet price transparency requirements, specifically

  • Post your own service’s price list on my aged care website.
  • Explain your charges and other charges in detail on the service provider’s web page.
  • Provide your care recipient with your pricing schedule.
  • The price, and various charges are detailed in the service contract between the service provider and the service recipient, and the details of the charge are explained to the service recipient at the time the contract is signed. This helps customers better understand and compare prices between different suppliers.
  • Monthly reports are given to service recipients each month. The monthly report must indicate what price each item costs.
  • Each service must be approved, signed, written records of the service recipient.