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Q: What is the difference between Pension and Home Care Packages?2020-06-23T03:24:57+00:00

A: Pension is mainly to help the elderly pay their daily living expenses, such as utilities bills, rent, food and so on. The home-based care Allowance is designed to help the elderly obtain or increase nursing care and improve their quality of life.

Q: Can a paid immigrant apply for a home-based care allowance if he/she is unable to receive a pension within 10 years?2020-06-23T03:26:05+00:00

A: Seniors over 65 with a Medicare Card who are currently struggling can apply.

Q: I don’t have a medicare, can I apply a home care packages?2020-06-23T03:27:02+00:00

A:Yes, you can , And seniors over 65 who don’t have Medicare CARDS can get help if they need it.

Q: If I live with my children, can I apply for the nursing allowance and receive the relevant pension services?2020-06-23T03:28:27+00:00

A: Yes, of course. One of the purposes of the government to provide the nursing allowance is to relieve the care pressure of the carers. The service company will arrange external assistance (carers) to provide care services with their families.

Q: My spouse or child is taking care of me and they both have A Centrelink Carers’ Allowance. Will their carers’ allowance be cancelled or affected if I apply for the Home Care Package?2020-06-23T03:29:19+00:00

A: It is not likely to be affected, because when you want to live at home for your old age, instead of living in a nursing home, the people who take care of you at home are your children, your spouse and your relatives.

Q: Can I get less of a service without paying an income test fee?2020-06-23T03:30:08+00:00

A: old-age care package that occupy the home project evaluation is made by the federal government, service center can’t any change or reduce the cost, but in home pension packages explicitly mentioned in the operation manual: the elderly cannot be agreed with the service center by reducing the level of nursing service content and service, please do not pay or pay less income.

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